The Year we all turned 30

Terence’s best friend since elementary school, Kyle, turned 30 tonight.  We celebrated dining on Kyle’s favorite food….Mexican.  Kyle has always been a very special friend to Terence, and I’m thankful that he has such a good friend!  Happy birthday Kyle we love ya!

 This picture was taken over 10 years ago at the lake by me 🙂 
A place you’ll see Kyle about 300 days out of the year!
Yes-they love each other what can I say??? ha.ha..
 Connor loves some Mexican rice!  It was finger licking good 😉
And 5 seconds later…..
 The whole gang
 Kyle’s sweet sister and Connor’s future girlfriend Hodges
 So sweet!
 Party favors
 I had to take a picture of the back when I got home…it was HILARIOUS!

 Delicious cake
 We had a blast!  Thanks for having us (Kyle’s family) you are dear to us too!
It a couple months BOTH Terence & I will be 3-0!!!!



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