Rockin my Red Shoes

Connor got some new red shoes last weekend.  He thinks he is something else when he has big boy shoes on.  Now that he’s a walker and all (well sometimes).  I just wanted to snap a few photos for memories because he was looking so cute in his new shoes 🙂

Swing Momma?

Up Up Up

So sweet…I never want to forget him at this age. 

I love you sweet boy, even if you have been totally out of it because of the time change this week.  He’s not been wanting to go to sleep at night and when I wake him up in the mornings he is like a floppy bunny because he DOES not want to wake up.  Which makes Terence & I SO.TIRED.

Last night we visited Terence’s Granddaddy in the hospital.  He’s having another surgery on his head this week.  If you would keep our sweet Grandaddy in your prayers we would really appreciate it.  We love you Granddaddy!!!




9 thoughts on “Rockin my Red Shoes

  1. Love his new shoes!! So cute! I was just saying last week I guess I need to get out and get Cannon his first official pair of shoes…can’t believe how big these boys are getting!!! Sloooowwww down!!!!

    Praying for your Grandaddy….

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