New York Day 2 – Part One

I am going to split day 2 up into two parts.  Our second day in New York was probably one of the busiest.  We got up early Thursday morning, got coffee, then headed to Wall Street and to see the Statue of Liberty.  Here are some of the pictures from the day….
(Note: I am still recovering from all the walking we did and getting back home from vacation.  I know we wore poor Summer out on this trip! ha ha!  We are all plum tuckered out!   I think I did 5 loads of laundry when we got home.  It sure was good to see my Connor boy though and next time hopefully he can come too and meet the B’s future kiddos  🙂
Wall Street was actually a lot smaller than we both had imagined.  It’s a very cute cobblestone street full of people hustling and bustling about.  I imagined a four lane freeway or something like that, but in reality it was a narrow, quaint little street that just happens to be a financial capital in the world.  Lots of $$$ on this street and major businesses stood side by side.
Trump Tower

New York Stock Exchange
American Express Building

Terence with the bull on Wall Street
I’m not sure how I got the back end here….everyone was blocking the front!
The Sphere that used to stand in the World Trade Center

A hot dog cart
Terence tried a hot dog and said it was “okay”.  I had a pizza filled pretzel and it was pretty good!

The entrance to get on the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty
On our way…

 There she is 🙂

Inside the base of the Statue of Liberty
Life size model of her face
The evolution of Lady Liberty
Life size model of her foot
192 steps to the top of the base of the Statue of Liberty.  I was huffing and puffing 😛
One of the bolts that holds her down

Ellis Island
It was COLD on the top of that ferry ya’ll!
It was a great day and we had a great time exploring the Statue of Liberty and taking lots of pictures!
On the way back to the city….
I love this guy 🙂
Dylan’s Candy Bar
Top of the Rock
Meet up with Maria – dear friend from New Jersey
And more exploring of the city



11 thoughts on “New York Day 2 – Part One

  1. i feel like i’ve gone to new york..woo hoo..thanks for sharing!!
    the 1st pic of you on the ferry is so beautiful!!!

    i have never heard of that bull before????!

  2. Oh I love reading your recap. I feel like I’m there with you. You look gorgeous in the pictures with the city in the background! I cannot wait to meet you in a month! Ahhh.. It will feel so good to finally see you. 🙂

  3. I am SOOOO glad y’all had such a good time!!! your pics are AMAZING!!! and they are totally amping me up for our next NYC trip in just a few weeks – although this will be the first time our daughter goes with us – aahhhhhh!!! she’ll love it, too, i’m sure 😉

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