New York Day 1

We had the best time in New York!  The B’s were the best hostess and host in the whole wide world!  I know Terence and I would have been running around the city like two chickens with our heads cut off if it weren’t for them.  They have such a cute apartment and live in a great little neighborhood in New York.
Sum and I have been blog friends for almost 4 years now.  It meant so much to finally…after all these years meet her.  It should have happened a long time ago, but I’m just glad it happened at all!  She’s just as wonderful and awesome in person as I thought she would be!  She’s my triplet and I love her so much!  🙂
Terence and I started off the morning at 4:00 am to get to the airport in Dallas on time.  Our flight left at 6:00 am.  I thought I was going to literally die because there was NO Starbucks in the airport and it was so early!  Hello???  What airport terminal doesn’t have Starbucks these days?  When we finally landed in Chicago there was a Starbucks there.  Unfortunately we had an hour and a half delay and then found out our flight was re-routed to Pittsburgh for GAS!  Oh boy!  When we finally landed in New York we had our first experience in a cab and it was crazy!  Terence just kept laughing at the way they drive.  He said “Staying in your lane is not the law here it’s a suggestion.”  It would be our first of many cab rides….
This is like 2 minutes after we walked into the B’s apartment….I think we were both in shock that we were finally meeting each other 🙂 
They took us to a fabulous pizza place that night.  I’m telling you this pizza was SO good!
I don’t know why I look like a doof in this picture, I was just being silly!
The B’s
Okay….now I am really really missing this pizza……
After dinner we got cupcakes and walked home in the snow and hail.  It was a full blown hail storm with lightening and everything!  It was CRAZY!  Thankfully that was the only night the weather was koo koo and the rest of our stay in New York it was just cloudy and cold.  The sun peaked through the clouds occasionally.  I am telling you I ate my weight in cupcakes on this trip!  We walked a ton, but I don’t think it did any good because I ate so many sweets!

Day 2 coming tomorrow…..
These are going to be some LONG posts because I think we took around 300 pictures! Yikes!
Thank you B family we had the best time and we love ya!



13 thoughts on “New York Day 1

  1. ok, that is SO fun that you met a bloggy friend! Can’t wait to do that someday with some of the girls I’ve met through blogging. And can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip– it looks fab (esp. that pizza– YUMM!).

  2. I’m ready for the long posts and 300 pictures! Makes me a wee bit jealous becasue I want to go to NYC bad, but I’ll live through you! 🙂

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