Connor and I had a dress rehearsal yesterday.  He was helping me try on mustaches for when Daddy and I go visit the Mustache Queen herself 🙂  I don’t think he liked it too much do you?  I look incredibly awesome with my crooked mustache on right?

Just a swinging
I think it’s safe to say we’ll have lots of future visits to the park.  We just WON’T go at night when it’s 55 degrees out!  It was a little chilly that night, or maybe it’s because Terence and I just devoured some Braum’s double dip ice cream cones…..whoops! 😉
Happy Weekend All!!!



2 thoughts on “Mustach-eo!

  1. Your blog is too cute! And your little boy, adorable! I have two little boys so I love reading how other mommas are doing it their way 🙂

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