Crazy Folk

Last weekend I was texting my Dad who was visiting my Aunt Mary and cousins in Alma, AR. 
Anyway, I texted him the first picture of Connor making a silly face puckering his lips. 
Dad texted me back with a picture of my Aunt, then a picture of both cousins trying to make the exact same face as Connor!  It cracked me up!  I miss my Arkansas fam so bad they are silly folks:)


See the cute owl key covers below? 
Those are the key covers I ordered on Amazon last week……

And these beauties are the actual key covers I recieved in the mail! 
They are called “DooKeys” “The right poo for you!”
I immediately wrote an email to the seller explaining I didn’t order the “Doo” key covers and I had wanted the owl ones.  He responded with an attached packing slip and said he was sorry and that they had trouble getting inventory for my item so they sent those instead???  Hello???  That’s nice of you to tell me after you ship the order….I am just going to keep the “Doo” covers because I don’t want to deal with shipping them back and nobody will really know what they are supposed to be right?  Icing, whipped cream, a pile of something?
What’s Ya’lls worst Internet screw up?  I’d love to hear the stories 😛



12 thoughts on “Crazy Folk

  1. that is a great Chinese Exchange gift for Christmas time or a present for somebody!!!!! That’s bad Becky real bad and they should go ahead and ship you the owl covers FOC 🙁

  2. Haha! Those doo-key covers are hilarious! What an idiot. Why would someone who ordered owls be satisfied with “doo” keys instead? That cracks me up!

    Funny pics your dad sent you. Sounds like your Arkansas family is alot of fun. 🙂

  3. hahaha…funny! I haven’t had too many online ordering issues…Target once sent me a Hello Kitty blanket instead of a bathing suit and coverup. That was kinda weird but they finally sent me not one but TWO bathing suits and TWO coverups! When I called they told me to keep both. I gave one to my step daughter and kept one set.

  4. Thanks for hopping over to my blog today! Connor is so cute! I have never heard of doo key covers in my life. That is really funny. And to think they thought they would just send those in place of your other ones. I haven’t had too many internet orders messed up, but I have had some pretty funny conversations with customer service people before.

  5. WHAT!?! Who would even make such a funny thing . . . I am hoping they send you double the cuteness of the owls after that mess up! Poo . . teehee!

  6. That’s too funny! Who thinks poo is a good replacement for cute owls?? That person clearly isn’t a Mom – if so they would know that we see and deal with plenty of poo on a daily basis and in NO WAY need more on our keys!

    When I ordered Asher’s toy organizer Wal-Mart sent me a floor lamp instead. Totally random!

  7. Those key covers aren’t even CLOSE!!! I mean seriously. Too funny =)

    By the way – I loved all that you did for Connor’s party! It looks like it turned out SO cute!!!!

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