Blueberry Boy

The other night we gave Connor some frozen blueberries to eat.  Can we say mess???
He got it all over his face, down his arms, and on his hands.  I eventually had to put him in the tub and let him soak a little bit.  He still looked like a little smurf though 😛  You can tell from the look on his face that he thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  Maybe a little too much…..
Poor little dude is getting his top two teeth in.  I know it had to have felt good on his gums.
We also celebrated Terence’s Grandma’s 85th birthday last weekend.  Happy birthday Grandma!!!
The girls at work and I started a contest to see who could walk the furthest in a month.  We all bought pedometers and are wearing them every day.  At the end of the month we are going to see who walked the furthest and wins the $$$!  Don’t they know I am going to New York in a couple weeks???  I have this in the bag yo! LOL!!!  We shall see….



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