Weekend Wrap Up

I had a fabulous weekend!  My friend Amber took me to a place called The Brownstone in Arlington and it was so cool!  I could have stayed in there for HOURS I tell ya!  It’s got lots of sellers that resemble Etsy and everything was so cute.  I need to have a garage sale or something so I can go on a shopping spree 😛

Delicious cupcakes 🙂
Connor enjoying some Mexican rice too!
So many cute finds at The Brownstone in Arlington.
I hope that when my Mom and sister visit next time I can take them there.
Thank you Amber for introducing me to this place and now I shall forever be broke!!!
  • I really want to get this mustache pillow for my Bloggy Triplet Summer.
Do you have one yet Summer???
  • I love getting samples of new makeup and skin care.  I recently heard about Birchbox.com and I really want to subscribe to it.  For $10.00 a month you get a box full of makeup, skin, and hair care samples.  You fill out a profile on their website and each month you get a new box full of deluxe samples!  So fun!  Do any of you already subscribe and like it???
  • I also learned my lesson about shipping packages recently.  I had participated in a Valentine blog swap and I mailed my package off to my partner Diane with no tracking or insurance.  FAIL.  I have honestly never had a problem shipping things with the Post Office.  Ever.  When I realized she hadn’t received it I got so upset….I am just hoping the Post Office finds that because I had lots of goodies for her and I feel so bad she never got it!!!  I could just scream!
  • I picked up a pair of gray slacks I just bought a couple weeks ago at the cleaners on Friday.  This was the first time for me to use this particular dry cleaner.  Well, they had originally lost my pants…so I called and they said they had them there.  I picked them up and never thought twice about it until I tried to put them on today and they didn’t fit!  They were a size 0 PETITE!!!  Those are obviously NOT my pants yo!  I swear…I am never going back there.  And the worst part is those people barely speak English so how am I supposed to even begin to explain this fiasco?
Well, that’s about all for now….I had a lot of playing with my new camera so I shall show some pictures this week and I think I may do a few tutorials too!  If you have a photography question just email me or something and I’ll do the best I can to explain…I am not a pro, but I do love to take pictures!



7 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Um, pretty sure I wish I lived in Texas right now so I could go to that store…I would be in etsy heaven I just know it!
    I would love to see some camera tutorials…I would love any help I can get in that department ;)I have a new carmera and no idea how to make the pics look their best!!

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