Valentines Day 2010

 Connor we are so blessed to have you our little cupid!
 Terence got me my “annual” Godiva treat 🙂
I always say I enjoy chocolate waaaaay more than flowers!
 Thanks honey 😉
 I got to do some of this too….
 Until someone wanted to play that is!
Question: totally random….should I cut his hair?  It’s outta control frizzy sometimes!

Connor is loving his new big boy chair from Inglesina.  He now gets to sit at the table with us.  I like this chair a lot better because he was getting out of his bumbo chair and tipping over.  This chair is very easy to fold up and take with us to restaurants, it’s easily collapsible, and comes with a carrying bag. It’s compatible with most types of tables, leaving them scratch-free.

Product details

 Easy fold up
Storage pocket for attached travel bag
Just hanging out…..
We hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!
xoxo The Branches



14 thoughts on “Valentines Day 2010

  1. haha..yum!!!

    i’d cut then good luck with the decieding!!

    T-A has one of those chairs..but i’m too scared to put her in

  2. Looks like you had a great V Day and looks like everyone is starting to feel back to normal. Enjoy those Godiva’s 🙂

  3. I cut Brayden’s hair at 10 months. It was a sad day to be sure, but I couldn’t stand the mullet hair any longer. I am sure my Connor won’t make it that long, since he was blessed with awesome hair from the start 🙂 Glad it looks like yall are feeling better finally!

  4. Ive never had Godiva truffles and you’ve got me wanting to try them. We don’t have a store here so I’ll have to try them in Dallas, if our house will ever sell, ha!! Connor is so precious. I don’t know about the hair cutting thing since I have a girl so no help there.

  5. Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day!!! I definitely had one to remember – although not for any good reasons – way too many yucky germs in our house still…fun times!

    And I have been saying I need to cut Cannon’s hair – its way crazier than Connor’s..hehehehe but I just can’t bring myself to do it – I just love the wild look – its just so fun! I even did his birthday pics this past weekend and was starting to brush it and then decided nope – thats who he is at this point 🙂 I love Connor’s crazy hair too! 🙂

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