Slip Sliding Away…

Here is my lovely view on the way to work today.  It was icy on the roads this morning.  I ventured out without my chauffeur (Terence) this morning and I did pretty good.  There were a few times I slid, but thank the Lord for anti lock breaks!

 These always make the day better don’t they?
Poor Connor has not been feeling good.  He didn’t seem to keep anything in his little stomach yesterday.  He’s still feeling cruddy today, but hopefully he’s not throwing up everywhere still.  I get off work at 3:00 and I can’t wait to go get my baby and cuddle with him…it makes him and me feel better…..
I saw these owl pajamas at Target the other day.  They were clearance marked at $7.29!!!  The only thing was they were lined in PINK!  You know I would have been on up on that if I had a girl 😛

Also-Terence walked past this cake last night at the gym.  The GYM of all places to see a cake display???  Nothing like working your butt off for an hour to burn 400 calories and then walk past this! ha..ha..

I am going to call this bakery and get a quote for a cake for Connor’s party.  It’s called Hot Chocolates.
Isn’t that the cutest little cake you ever did see??? I LOVE IT!



10 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away…

  1. We’ve had all ice here overnight too. Personally, I am SO over this winter! HA! I’m more than ready for the HOT and SUNNY weather – how about you? Sorry to hear that little Connor is feeling puny – I hope he’s better soon. I chose to stay home from work today instead of fighting the traffic and worrying about driving on the ice – I truly couldn’t get out of of my driveway, much less travel by bus to the City since they weren’t running anyway! HA! I love the fact that your hubby is so into your blog that he sees an owl cake (or anything) and thinks to take a picture of it for you! LOL xoxoxo

  2. That cake looks so cute! So glad to hear you made it work okay, this weather has pretty much thrown everyone for a loop. I love the Nick and Nora pajamas. I have a few of them and they are so comfy and cozy! Hope Connor starts feeling better!

  3. Cute jammies! Super cute cake too! We have had some icy roads here too…and working in banking is like working for the post office…ran, sleet, snow…whatever they want you at work! So, I go…driving 5 mph. Thank goodness I only live 10 minutes from my office.

  4. What great driving shots… I have not been out of the house since Monday. Monday I went to 4 grocery stores… so I guess we’re stocked up! The kiddos might get restless today though… come one sunshine! Great deal on the jammies… stay warm and be careful out there! ~ kim

  5. I think the ice you got is much worse than the tons of snow we got up here . . ice is the worst to drive on. I love the cake . . . hopefully it is a good deal because how appropriate for little man’s party! I love all your hard work for it . . .which it is a LOT of work! But he’ll have a great time . . .can’t believe how fast that year goes!

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