Sick Sick Sick

Please pray for our family.  Connor and I have both been really REALLY sick the last few days.  We are both on antibiotics and hopefully we’ll start to feel better soon.  Every symptom of sickness you can imagine I think we’ve experienced.  Terence had to go back to work today and I am just barely surviving without him.  He started to feel sick yesterday afternoon too.  He’s got an appointment to see the doctor today so hopefully we can stop it before it’s full blown.  I don’t think I’ve been this sick in years……

I’m going to go try and lay down now if Connor will let me.  It’s really hard to get sleep when you are sick and so is your baby. These past few days have been really rough 🙁



19 thoughts on “Sick Sick Sick

  1. I totally feel you! Brayden is getting better, but my Connor is not well at all… we actually had to get swabbed today for whooping cough 🙁 Hoping yall get better soon!

  2. Oh gosh Becky! I am praying!! It is SO HARD to be a sick momma!!!! We are dealing with it a little over here, but it doesn’t sound as miserable as you guys have it – I am so sorry!! May God bring you all healing soon!!

  3. So sorry to hear y’all are sick – we have been too!! Its so hard when we get sick at the same time as the babies….no matter how crappy we feel, we still have to be there for them…I feel your pain! Hoping y’all get to feeling better soon 🙂

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