Mr. Sickface

I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Sickface
He has not been doing too hot this week, but he seems to be doing better this morning….

Mr. Sickface was playing with his zoom zoom car racers last night.Β  I was trying to teach him to put the car on top so it would got through to the bottom……he just ended up throwing it in the air….

……okay Mom…..”I am so over this!”
I can’t believe my baby boo will be 11 months tomorrow!
Where has the (almost) year gone???
*sniff* *sniff*



11 thoughts on “Mr. Sickface

  1. Poor little guy…..we are all sick in our house too – although I seem to have gotten hit the hardest. No fun when the kiddos are sick – hope Connor feels better soon. He sure does look so cute & snuggly though – even when he’s sick πŸ™‚

  2. There’s nothing worse than a sick baby….especially when they can’t talk and tell you what’s wrong. I’ve been having the same problem with my baby but he’s doing MUCH better. We have the same toy! Brady’s only 7 months and I’m trying to teach him the same thing. Ha! He would rather chew on the cars. πŸ™‚

  3. Poor little guy, I hope he starts to feel better soon. We are finally starting to feel better, thank goodness. Hang in there, lots of hugs and kisses to Connor.

    Btw, love his PJ’s and your wood floors πŸ™‚ They are so pretty!

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