It’s only getting worse…

I don’t know if I can take this anymore!!!!  Terence and I are about to lose it.  I can’t keep anything in my stomach today, not even water. You know it’s bad when Terence gets into bed and asks if you want to spoon because you both have the chills.  Connor seems to be doing just fine.  He’s also the only one in this house who had a flu shot.  We both did NOT get one and look at us now…we are literally vegetables.  Dear Lord please heal us.  We are hurting a lot right now.  Thank you all for the prayers they are greatly appreciated.  We both have not been this sick in….probably ever.  I really want my Mommy 🙁



15 thoughts on “It’s only getting worse…

  1. Soo sorry girl…bless your hearts. I hope you are ALL on the mend soon. We don’t get flu shots either. Do you think you have the flu? Whatever it is I’m praying it passes. Hugs!

  2. I’m sorry you both are so sick! That is awful! I don’t get like that very often either (it’s been about 14 years since I was like that), but the pharmacist suggested Imodium AD. I know, sounds crazy to take an anti-diarrhea med, but let me tell you, it worked at stopping the puking/dry heaving thing (sorry to be so graphic =P). Get well!!

  3. Sending you lots of prayers!!!!!! It is SO awful to be so sick like that. I had it back in November and it was TERRIBLE, I feel for you!! Get lots and rest and I will pray!

  4. oh my goodness!!!! your words kind of hit home here… my kids are the only ones who got a flu shot in our house too! I will be going next week if it’s not too late to get my flu shot. I’ve never had the “flu” with my kids but we have all had a nasty two way stomach virus with all 5 of us being sick with it. SO, I know it’s bad! Will be praying for you all!!!

  5. I prayed for ya’ll yesterday and I am praying again today! I know it’s hard to rest when you have a little one to take care of. Wishing you and Terence to be healed soon!

  6. Oh no! I hope you both feel better soon! Not fun!

    I am DYING laughing at the picture of your guest bed. My guest bed looks EXACTLY the same!!!!! I was in there the other day just staring at it all and I told Cody it was my favorite room. Hahaha I am loving planning and crafting for Westin’s party. 🙂 I asked Cody what I was going to do after March 5th. He said I would probably start planning Westin’s second bday! haha

  7. oh you poor thing! Brayden came down with an ear infection today, so I feel your pain feeling like you’re in a deep black bad health hole 🙁 I pray yall get better soon!

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