First Haircut

Connor had his first big boy haircut today.  His curls were getting a little afro-ish so we decided it was time for a cut.  He looks so much like his Daddy now it’s crazy! ha..ha..
I would like to think something looks like ME in this child!  We went to Kool Cuts 4 Kids and he got to sit in a taxi while he got his hair cut.  He did pretty good, he did cry once but I think it’s because she knicked his neck a little bit so she didn’t charge us for the haircut 😛
 Getting ready….
Nana would have been so excited your wearing PENGUINS!
 There it goes…..

He looks like he’s aged 5 years for goodness sake!
My baby boy is looking more like a little dude every day. 
Back to work tomorrow and I don’t think we get another holiday until May!!! Sigh…..



10 thoughts on “First Haircut

  1. He does look like a big boy! So cute! I am with you on the holiday thing…ugh…I really need to take a long weekend somewhere in-between the next holiday.

  2. OH MY! That is adorable!!! Have I told you how much I love seeing this boy every day??

    (I don’t blame him for crying… I would too if someone knicked me. Ha!)

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