Dallas Aquarium

While my parents were in town we visited the Dallas aquarium on Sunday afternoon.  It was a lot of fun looking at all the birds, fish, and sharks.  Terence and I had never been, but had always wanted to go so this was a great time!  The weather was perfect and it was actually quite warm this past weekend.  We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and it was SOOOO good as always!  Here are some pictures of our afternoon together.  Miss you already Mom & Dad!

It’s a SLOTH!
This little feller moved incredibly s-l-o-w….

Cute manatee
Me with the manatee
I am wearing my new Stella & Dot owl necklace I got from Kim.  I love it! 
Go visit her HERE
“What are those things Nana?”

Penguins!  My Nana LOVES penguins, they are her favorite animal!
Sharks!!! Ahhhh!!!

It’s an OWL!  This was my favorite 🙂
Thank you Nana & Poppy for such a great weekend and helping with my birthday party! 
We love you so much and miss you like crazy!
xoxo- Connor



9 thoughts on “Dallas Aquarium

  1. I always love Connor’s expression, in these pictures and in general. He just also seems to look so thoughtful in the pictures you post. I guess it must mean he’s really smart, right?

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