Watcha Been Up To?

This past weekend Terence, Connor, & I all attended Kylon’s 2nd birthday party.  His Mommy Amber did such a great job decorating.  He had a sports themed party and I thought it turned out great 🙂  Ky got so many cute gifts from friends and family. He also got an awesome swing set.  I’ve been looking at swing sets for Connor lately too because I know when the summer comes he’s going to want to play outside!  CSN, as we all know had a great selection of all kinds of products, I found outdoor swing sets, pools, and even trampolines! 


Baseball bat cake
Opening presents
Terence and I also went to the Fort Worth Stock Show.  Every now and then I have the opportunity to take pictures of kids for the bank I work at in front of our buffalo mascot.  I forgot to take any good pictures of the buffalo!  Shame on ME!  I will next weekend though because hopefully they are going to bring the new baby buffalo “Tuffy” out and I’m so excited! 
Here our lovely Aunt Loyce is watching Connor while we were at the Stock Show 🙂
He loves his Auntie Loyce
Connor definitely has my crazy hair…this is what he looks like first thing in the mornings….isn’t it funny!

I DID get this one picture with my cell phone at the Stock Show.  Right next to our location was this GIANT…I mean GIANT burrito stand.  They have a 7 ft by 7 ft cast iron skillet and they make giant burritos on it.  We kept smelling the goodness in the air while we were working our corner so we just HAD to go get one after we were done….and they did not disappoint.  They were delicious…so delicious I may just have to get another one next Saturday!

On Sunday Terence and I worked the 2 year old room at church and then came home and relaxed.  That evening we had family dinner with his family and got to see baby Alicia again.  We both had Monday off and I made this for dinner….

Terence loves that zuppa toscana soup from the Olive Garden.  I found this recipe on Tasty Kitchen and it turned out great!  I hope you all are having a great week!  Two more days until Friday ya’ll!



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  1. hmmm…I’m not sure why it didn’t let me sign in…you won’t be able to respond (if you have time I read your last post…it will not be the end of my world if you don’t!!) 🙂

  2. Love the crazy hair – Cannon’s hair is just as wild and its sooo curly – have no clue what to do with it – it needs to be cut…but I just can’t bring myself to do it 🙁

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