Sick Baby

Connor has been running almost a 104 degree temp today and yesterday….I just gave him another bath so hopefully that will help.  Poor baby is miserable and has been crying his head off today.  Momma needs a break!  I stayed home with him from work because the doctor said he was contagious until his temp went down, so hopefully we can get it down because I don’t know if I can take this much longer 🙁

With daddy at the doctor’s office
I want my smiley boy back!
He sure has been cuddly today though…when he’s not crying that is….



16 thoughts on “Sick Baby

  1. So sorry!!! Avery is sick too and your little boys face is all too familiar, she looks the same. We took her last night and she has double ear infections and bronchiolitis. Ugh. Hoping he feels better soon!!!

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