Random Stuff on the Last Day of the Year

Happy New Years Eve ya’ll!
2010 was an amazing, wonderful, fabulous, and life changing year for us!ย  We bought a new home, had a new baby and lets just say we’ve been going not stop like the Energizer Bunny ever since!
I hope you all party like it’s 1999…oh wait it’s 2011 and I’m almost 30???
How did this happen???
…..oh well I hope you all have a great time whatever you do!
Ter-Bear and I are going to dinner and a movie courtesy of Aunt Loyce our fabulous babysitter for the evening!ย  I don’t think we’ve been on a date alone since…uhm..I can’t remember ๐Ÿ˜›
(Don’t you LOVE my fabulous Vegas beanie from sidder?)

I met up with Amber the other night at Red Lobster.ย  Amber brought me GODIVA! Holla!!!ย  She’s so sweet and we are quickly becoming great friends….I have so much fun with her.ย  Amber drags me out of the house even when I don’t feel like it and we always have a great time!ย  We are hanging out tomorrow and crafting….what are we crafting you ask?ย  I have no clue, but I DO know we shall have a good time and we probably will have Starbucks…wink…wink…

Connor in his Red Lobster bib
Some family photos from Arkansas with my precious family ๐Ÿ™‚

Connor boy and his mini Starbucks cup….he’s a feller after my own heart and it was the perfect size too!

(FYI the cup is empty…I don’t hype him up on caffeine!)
Pretty Christmas light in downtown Fort Worth
Always a favorite read…an issue of “Mugly
A co-worker brought this in the other day and it was hilarious…crazy people!!!
My favorite mug was Alonda….I mean come on folks…I would neverย pay for this???
I may pay her to stay away from me….but Alonda definitely needs prayer….
I’ve been doing some MAJOR shopping damage on Hautelook.ย  They have the best sales and this is not good for me!ย  I will show you all my goodies when I get them in the mail ya’ll! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Other than that I all is well and now I must go get ready for my date night…………



5 thoughts on “Random Stuff on the Last Day of the Year

  1. Connor’s little starbucks cup is so cute! Nothing like getting the starbucks addiction started early! Ha!

    But I hope you and your had a very happy new year, and wishing you guys the best in 2011!

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