First Snow

Connor boy experienced his first snow this weekend!  We woke up yesterday morning and it was snowing outside, unfortunately it didn’t stick so we still had work and schools open today.  I heard from my Mom in AR they cancelled school and she had a snow day.  No FAIR!
His face was precious.  He was like “What is this white stuff Momma?”

So yesterday we built a fire and watched Everest on Discovery Channel.  I made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast too 🙂  That show is CRAZY you guys!  I would not survive an hour on that mountain.  The lack of oxygen and the mental determination you need would kill me.  Terence wants to climb Mt. Rainier  with a friend and that is making me nervous 😛

Terence and Connor looked so cute yesterday sleeping I ran and grabbed the camera and snapped this picture.  I love them 🙂

Look who is showing off his bottom teeth!  Connor has been feeling a lot better over the past weekend…thank you Lord!  He has been a whole new baby.  I think the combo of him being sick and teething just wore him out.

He has crazy bed head

He was sitting there watching me cook breakfast yesterday.  He loves to sit in the kitchen with me while cooking.  It’s such a trip…he just wants to be involved in EVERYTHING right now!

I hope you all enjoyed your snow days too!  I know a lot of folks across the country got snow this weekend…a LOT more than we did!  Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it SNOW!  I am definitely a winter gal 🙂



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