Me & My Shadow

This week is going to be incredibly busy.  I am working until Thursday and then that evening Terence is dropping Connor and I off at the airport so we can fly home to Arkansas.  It will be Connor’s first plane ride and visit to Nannie & Papa’s farm!   

Connor has been SUPER clingy lately and it’s hard for me to even sit down without him wanting to play or be held.  He is my shadow…my little kangaroo for sure!  Sometimes he even hangs on me so hard he pulls my pants down!  I hope he never does that one in public!

After the holidays are over I am definitely going to have to go on a diet.  Things like gingerbread and eggnog are not so good for my waistline.  This gingerbread ice cream from Braum’s is so good ya’ll! 

Terence and I have been playing sports all night on our XBox Kinect…I am wiped…at least if I have a scoop of ice cream I won’t feel so guilty if I work it off playing video games…ha..ha…



10 thoughts on “Me & My Shadow

  1. I think our little guys are really close in age! Clingy is definitely his flavor of the month 🙂 I’m trying to enjoy it because I know one day I’ll no longer be his favorite I’m sure.

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