God is Good

Terence’s buddy let me us borrow his fancy camera lens this past weekend.  We took some family pictures to try and get a shot for our Christmas cards.  Here are some of the ones we took!

 So thankful to the Lord for my beautiful family 🙂

Terence and I have grown this past year and I love my husband now more than ever, Connor has filled our lives in ways we never knew could be filled…..thank you Jesus for your faithfulness to us!

 Total H.A.M.
Terence and I just finished watching The Good Wife from Netflix.  It’s a really good show and I would recommend it to anyone.  We don’t get to the movie theater very often anymore so we rent a lot of TV show seasons on DVD.  The only TV show I am really wanting to watch right now is Dexter…I keep hearing about the current season and it makes me so anxious to see it! 
9 more days and I’ll be home in Arkansas….counting down the days…………….
In other news….I have dyed my hair back to blonde, not sure how it looks or if I’ll keep it around…but for now I guess it is okay……



11 thoughts on “God is Good

  1. Connor is SUCH a doll! He’s like a little man in a baby’s body. Super cute! Great pictures. I’m hoping Santa brings me new camera so I can take awesome pictures of my new baby boy. (6 months old Friday!)

  2. Becky your family is as beautiful as ever and little man is growing up and getting cuter every day! I think these picures are wonderful and wish I had some of these when my babies were small lke this. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your trip to Arkansas – I will be there in January for 4 days and wish I could see you too. Maybe next time! 🙂

  3. What great pictures. You have a beautiful family. I cannot tell you the last time we actually went to see a movie. We do Netflix and just started watching Friday Night Lights – finished season 1 last night. Its pretty good. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see pictures of you as a blonde. 🙂

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