All is Well

It has been a crazy week!  Well, most weeks are crazy, but Connor and I have both had the sickies and have not been feeling good.  I think my ears have finally started to pop and I can hear again!  I hate HATE being sick….I just want to feel normal again and not all dumpy 🙁

I am counting down the days until we get to go home to AR for Christmas!  I’ll finally get to see my nephew Jarrett again…and you too Bonnie 🙂  I cannot believe I have only seen him once, I am sure he’s grown up so much since I last saw him.  Always nice to have something to look forward to!

Sometimes I think I have a puppy dog on my hands???
He loves to fetch things and he follows me around the house now like a puppy.

Here is Mr. Sick Face
Doesn’t he look thrilled ya’ll?

 He’s been doing lots of sleeping and has been really cuddly…which I don’t mind!
I hate it when babies get sick 🙁

My lovely husband decided to go on a diet 2 days before Thanksgiving!!!!

I mean really…who does that???  He is crazy but has been doing good so far!  So we’ve been eating a lot of lettuce like rabbits….last night we had this chicken caesar and it was pretty good!

I’ve been a crazy mad wrapping woman!!!
I LOVE to wrap presents it’s one of my favorite things to do!

I finally got all three of our stockings hung.  I am sure you saw in the last post with the stocking hangers.  I got all three Pottery Barn stockings on EBay.  Connor’s was already embroidered and the other two were blank.  I took mine and T’s to a local store and they put our names on there.  The font is a bit different, but it works for me!  I got all three stocking for the price I would have paid for ONE at Pottery Barn!
 These are the new Starbucks ornaments out this year
Aren’t they cute!  I must get them 🙂
That’s all for now!  We’ll holler hoooooooooo at you later!
(Owl hat 50% off via Gap black Friday…yippee!!!)



18 thoughts on “All is Well

  1. Hope you and Connor are both feeling better! I’m loving him in the owl hat, we have the same one for P. And I have to ask where in the world did you get the owl wrapping paper? I must have some!

  2. Hope y’all are feeling better soon – we just got rid our sickies last week – no fun! ‘Tis the season right? I am counting down the days too for when I get to see my family too – can’t wait! Although I am a little worried about flying on my own with a 9 month old and 3 year old…should be interesting!

    Wish we lived closer – you could come wrap my presents too hahhaha – I used to love it..but now it drives me crazy!

  3. Connor could be a baby model. You take some of the CUTEST photos of him…even when he’s sickly. LOVIN’ the hat on him.

    I tried to guess between you and Bonnie in the next post, but gave up. Thought I could guess pretty easy and then I gave up. Haha!

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