We saw Santa

We had an impromptu meeting with Santa at Decorator’s Warehouse this past weekend. We were out with our friends Amber and Kylon and Santa was in the store….so I plopped Connor up on his lap and he was just fine! I bought a Santa package at the mall already, I wish I would have known about this Santa before I got that! Oh well 😛

I’ll post more about our weekend tomorrow! This day has been SUPER busy!!!



14 thoughts on “We saw Santa

  1. So brave!!! When we plopped by friend’s little girl, Ava, on Santa’s lap for the first time… it was awful. I have never seen a child cry so hard or make the noises that somehow came from her mouth. Connor’s a rockstar!!!

  2. How fun!!!! And he did so well – yay Connor!!! You just never know what you are going to get! The first year with my daughter, she was your typical hysterical baby…lol. We’ll see how both Cannon and her do this year 🙂

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