Kinect Fun

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Terence and I got an early Christmas present….an XBox Kinect. It’s a LOT of fun and I like it a lot better than the Wii. You don’t have to use a remote to play and you use both your arms and legs in the games. The system scans your body and recognizes when it’s your turn to play. Terence and I were exhausted after we finished playing and yet can’t wait to play again!

(Big boy standing)
We had a pretty uneventful weekend and slept until 11:00 am on Saturday!!!! What a blessing that was! Well, we both got up a couple times….but we FINALLY got around at 11:00. The blog meet up was cancelled because everyone was either busy or sick. I don’t know if I’ll do another one because I don’t know if anyone would come! Poor Tiffany didn’t get my email until later and came to The Cheesecake Factory….Tiffany if you are reading this I owe you a cheesecake and we will get together soon!
I met my friend Karen later that afternoon and we walked around the mall and visited. The mall was already decorated for Christmas and people were out shopping. It was pretty crowded! I’m so excited the holiday season is here and I’m looking forward to seeing my Mom, Dad, and Nannie in a couple of weeks when they come see us! Yeah! It always helps me not get so homesick when I have something to look forward to….and in about a month we will all be home in AR with Bonnie, Jason, and Jarrett for Christmas 🙂
Only 8 months and he’s already on the move!
He is into everything I tell ya!

I love this little guy SO much!

“Mom…you are so silly!”
“Don’t embarrass me!”



15 thoughts on “Kinect Fun

  1. That Xbox Kinect thing looks like a lot of fun…..we’d prob kill ourselves laughing at each other…hahahaha.

    That is crazy that he is already standing up on his own – he’ll be off & running before you know it!

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