Christmas Inspiration

This weekend Connor and I met with Amber and Kylon to head to Decorator’s Warehouse in Arlington.  It was a Christmas EXPLOSION in there!  We got a lot of inspiration ideas, but didn’t buy anything because that place was waaaay overpriced.  We left Decorator’s Warehouse with some good inspiration and headed to Hobby Lobby to find the “look for less”.  I found some things at Hob Lob but they looked dumb, so I took them back and next time I go shop for decor I think I’ll bring a picture or something to help me decide instead of getting a bunch of random crap.  I love holiday shopping…it warms my soul. 
I’m sitting here listening to the Christmas music station as I’m typing this….how appropriate is that?  ha..ha… 
Amber is just as addicted to Starbucks a.k.a. “crack” as I am.  So first thing Saturday morning we went to Starbucks and got our coffee.  We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (YUM!) and then walked around the mall for a bit.  I think Connor threw every item on our table onto the floor!  He’s definitely getting a lot more active now.  I’m so glad to have met Amber and she’s so much fun to hang with 🙂
 We saw this cool chair in the store so we took so pictures. 
It’s like pulling teeth getting these boys to look at the camera! Geesh!
 I only wish I could decorate like this….
 Winter Wonderland
 Cute deer and some tree fillers that made me think of Summer 🙂
 Fall and Thanksgiving decor….look there is an OWL!!!
 Some more fall and Halloween decorations



10 thoughts on “Christmas Inspiration

  1. I love those pictures of Christmas decorations! I have always thought that if I had an unlimited decorating budget, I could do something awesome like that. *sigh* Sadly, that is not the case! It’s still fun to look and get inspiration though. (o:

  2. Awe, love the picture of you two! Cuteness. I wish I could decorate like that. Did you ever go to Dazzle Days in Conway? That always makes me want to decorate more. 🙂 HAHAHAHA….for the first time I am not drooling at your post, I’m currently slurping my Starbucks at the moment. 😉

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