"Ho Ho HomeGoods"

Gift card provided by BlogHer and HomeGoods
I have been shopping like a mad women for the past few weekends.  I even woke up early before work on black Friday to hit some sales before work that morning!  When BlogHer contacted me offering a $25 gift card to HomeGoods to gift a friend, family member, or myself I said YES!  I love HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshall’s stores.  I’ve always found great deals in the past and they have a wide variety of things to choose from. 
On Saturday while we were in Dallas we stopped by HomeGoods to shop.  I didn’t get a gift for family or friends because they read my blog, but I was looking for some stocking holders to hang our stockings on the mantle.  I just got all three of us stockings and haven’t hung them because I didn’t have anything!  While looking for stocking holders I found so many goodies I have to share with you…..
 Tis the season to shop til you drop!
 Connor was ready to shop with Momma!
 Look at these cute cupcake ornaments!  So cute!

 They had so much Christmas decor on the shelves I felt like I was in heaven!  I love Christmas decorations and this is my favorite time of year 🙂

 Christmas kitchen towels and oven mitts for holiday baking
 Pretty photo frames for those holiday family photos to give to someone
 Sparkly tree topper..bling…bling..!!!

 My Christmas decor is in this blue color.  I loved this little glass tree.  HomeGoods had something for every decorating style!  If it wasn’t your style I am sure you could find something for someone else in your life.

 I love Christmas cookware, platters, and serve ware.  Look how cute this is! 
Great for all those Christmas parties or as a hostess gift
 Beautiful candle holders
 This was one of my FAVORITE things in the store.  It’s a cupcake tower, but it looks like a beautiful chandelier!  It’s so pretty!  They also had one in black and I love all things sparkly and blingy!

 And finally…..

Here is my HomeGoods purchase……

 I got three of these Christmas tree stocking holders for less than I would have paid for one at a retail store!  Aren’t they so cute and sparkly???

Thank you so much BlogHer and HomeGoods I had such a fun time shopping! 
Go HERE and enter to win a $100 HomeGoods shopping spree and 20 winners will get $25!
Good luck and happy Christmas shopping everyone!

In this Wonderful Weekend!

Today Terence & I had the joy of meeting Megan (& Brent) from “In this Wonderful Life“.  I’ve been reading her blog for awhile now and she’s one of those blog friends who has always felt like a real life friend as well.  We both have struggled with PCOS and shared the longing for motherhood over the years.  Last year I found out I was pregnant with Connor and a few months later Megan shared her wonderful news that she was pregnant with Cohen!  Most of you already know that Cohen is with Jesus and the events that have taken place over the past year.  I know with all my heart that Megan and Brent will be parents again someday. They are such a beautiful couple inside and out and will always be Cohen’s Mommy & Daddy 🙂
I ask that we all continue to pray for them as God directs their path.  I don’t understand why people face certain trials in their lives, but I do know there is an ultimate plan unfolding beyond our own understanding. 
Trust in the LORD with all thy heart; and lean not to thy own understanding.

In other weekend news…….

Connor boy loves strolling around the mall.  And for some reason he’s been eating like a HORSE today 😛
Growing up way to fast for me!
Terence wanted to go to the Beretta store today….much to my dismay 😛
I am not a fan of guns and I don’t know if I ever will be.  I’ve been to the shooting range ONE time and I almost peed my pants.  I need to get over it…..but I just don’t like them!  We’ve been thinking about getting one for home defense because there have been some break ins in our area…and we DON’T live in the hood ya’ll!  We live in a nice legit neighborhood and that scares the crud outta me!  So maybe I’ll go to the range and try to get over my gun shyness!
I told Terence I would go to Beretta if he got me a Sprinkles cupcake and he DID!!!  Ha..ha..
I am thrilled…….
This is random, but so is a lot of stuff on this blog….
Look at this cute owl oven mitt and apron!  I swear once I started liking owls I think the whole planet did…they are EVERYWHERE now for realz!
 Yes – look at that face…..he’s totally cheesing.  You know why he is cheesing???  It’s because he likes to get close to the fireplace and play and eat wood.  The past couple of nights Terence has been building a fire, which I love, but this kid is way to interested in the fire IN the fireplace….we have a little pyro on our hands and it’s got to STOP A.S.A.P!!!  I may get some sort of barrier to put up…he usually feels the heat and turns right back around, but he’s getting braver and braver every day!
“You caught me Momma!” 
“What are you doing Daddy???”
Curious George….yes he is……..sigh…….
XOXO – Becky

Gobble Palooza

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  “Gobble Gobble!!!”
I totally stole the title of this post from the Old Navy black Friday sales ad!  Ha..ha…  I am not going black Friday shopping in the morning because I have to work 🙁  Maybe it’s God’s way of telling me I don’t need to be out in that madness anyway!  I did see some great sales though that I might hit up after work if I am not too tired. 
We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with Terence’s family at his brother Paul’s house.  His wife Liz had her family over as well and we had lots of conversation and babies running about.  We woke up to chilly 40 degree weather this morning after the 80 degree high yesterday….this is CRAZY weather folks! 
Connor graciously let T and I sleep in until 8 am this morning…and for that I am THANKFUL!!! 
I am so thankful for this child that fills my heart.  I prayed for his life for so long and I am so thankful for my Connor boy.  I am praying for all of you out there still longing for motherhood every day.
Reading books with Grana
Playing with Uncle Paul
Dog pile on all my cousins
The fooooooooood
Paul, Kevin, Kim & baby Alicia in Jan 11

Getting the buttons off Granddaddy’s shirt
Cousin Thomas LOVES to give hugs!

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
I’m so thankful for wonderful family and friends and the fabulous friends I’ve made through blogging!
Much love, Becky,Terence, & Connor