The Kitchen & This & That

I forgot to post the kitchen earlier for Kelly’s Korner tour of homes. Here is our kitchen ya’ll!

The fridge and the counter that collects all the junk

Bottle zone

My owl plate my Mommy got me at Cracker Barrel
My favorite candle Aromatique Amaretto Nog
(They are discontinuing the scent…booooo!!!!)

This week has been….in one word….BUSY!!!

Last night I went home and made 48 cupcakes. I made 24 purple (TCU) and 24 white. I hope they turned out okay. I’m not the best at icing and it was hard to work with last night. After I was finished it looked like Barney the dinosaur exploded in my sink 😛 I was plum tuckered out!

I am loving this Trick-Or-Treat Tervis Tumbler
I use my Tervis every day and I loooove it!

They sell them at Bed Bath & Beyond now and if you use a 20% coupon it’s a pretty good price!
This little guy woke up at 4 a.m. this morning….ugh….

He chugged another bottle at around 7:30 a.m. and then threw it ALL up in the bed!

Poor thing…he’s been stuffy all week and I hope he starts feeling better.

My sweet nephew Jarrett spend the night in the ER last night too with a bad cough. Poor baby boy 🙁 I hope both our baby loves get to feeling better. I know my sis is tired too….
Here is a random self portrait at the pumpkin patch last weekend. Connor’s like “Stop, not another picture Mommy!” It was so much fun I really want to go back with Terence next time.

We also saw a movie on Tuesday courtesy of BlogHer. They gave us tickets to a screening of The Secretariat and it was SO good! Diane Lane is one of my favorite actresses and I really enjoyed this movie. It comes out tonight and it would be a great film to go see with the entire family 🙂
I’m obsessing over Christmas front doors right now….Aren’t these SO pretty???

77 days until CHRISTMAS!!!!

Everyone have a great weekend!!!!
I have a 3 day weekend woohooooooooooooo!!!!!

Oh-and for your viewing pleasure:

Look who’s crawling……



16 thoughts on “The Kitchen & This & That

  1. i LOVE those Christmas front doors. People don’t decorate like that in Australia. Not even super rich people! The snow does help set it off. Beautiful.

    I am also a tervis tumber fan! I have monogrammed ones and get teased about it.

  2. I love that he is crawling…what a cutie pie…so precious! And you are making me want to do something fun to my front door. I can’t wait til Christmas :o)

  3. I love those Christmas doors too. If only I was that creative! I like the Tervis Tumblers too. They are the only glasses we use in the house since they don’t swear! I love the cupcakes. I need to learn to ice really pretty like that!

  4. Your kitchen is beautiful! We have very similar tates. It sounds like your week has been similar to mine, a new crawler and early wake up calls! Hope you have a nice weekend.


  5. I want to get a hot and cold tumbler like – I have lots of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons so I’ll be visiting there soon!

    Sooo jealous of your huge kitchen – and those cupcakes look yummy! I also love how determined Connor looks in that video!

  6. I love that he is crawling…what a cutie pie…so precious! And you are making me want to do something fun to my front door. I can’t wait til Christmas :o)

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