A day off with my boys

Yesterday I had the day off because it was Columbus Day. Gotta love those federal holidays right??? Terence took the day off to spend with us too. Connor got up and ate then we all slept until 10:30!!! Woohoo for sleeping in! I don’t think either of us have slept that long since before Connor was born.

  • We did our grocery shopping at Target & Connor LOVES to ride in the cart
  • I made my Great Grandma Bonnie’s potato carrot soup. It’s so good I usually make it on a snowy or cold day because it’s really heavy, but I was craving it.
  • We had lunch at McKinley’s & ordered a chocolate ice box pie 🙂

    Connor got a glo-worm

    We spent a lot of time playing on the floor and crawling around

Some more pics from the weekend:
  • Mommy in the silly glasses
  • Connor crying because he had the poopies all weekend
  • My new Hog shirt from Elaine @ Honey Pie Accessories 🙂
  • Connor wearing my Baskin Robbins cone wrapper as a hat

Some goofy pictures of my boo!

I hope you all are having a great day too!

XOXO – Becky



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