Halloween at Work 2010

Our theme for Halloween at work this year was
“Sports Mascots”

Most of us just wore sports themed shirts. I wore my Razorback shirt because I had to represent my home state AR right??? I wanted to be a little bit Halloweeny so I threw in a red witch hat 🙂 You can see our pictures from Halloween 2009 HERE

Here is part of the group I work with
Razorback-TCU Frogs-Trojans-Ravens-Cowboys
Snack table
Our buffalo “Mo” in disguise as a Ranger Moose
We have WAY too much fun on Halloween!
Enjoying my Starbucks this morning!
I went through the drive through and when I got to the window to pay for my drink the lady said the car in front of me had already paid for my drink! How sweet!
It made my day 🙂

Last night I met up with a sweet gal who reads my blog named Amber and her cutie pie Kylon. We had a lot of fun walking around the mall and shopping. We stopped in Godiva and had a chocolate too! They were SO nice and I’m happy to have met them! Hopefully we can get together again soon!

Isn’t he a cutie???

This is pretty much what Connor looked like the whole night at the mall. He just stared at Kylon like “Wow he’s such a BIG boy!” Maybe someday I will be that big too 🙂

Nana & Poppy sent Connor a 1st Halloween card with some $$$ to buy a trick-or-treat.
Connor says “Thank you Nana and Poppy” I will get a nice treat to play with! I love you!
Oh! The winner of the Halloween twin contest is KAREN!!!!
(I owe you a drink Karen & I know you’ll enjoy!)
I am on the LEFT in all the photos!

Ghost of Halloweens Past

Mom always made our costumes growing up……
We had a great childhood
Bonnie is my best friend and I LOVE being a twin!
I hope someday we can dress our boys alike for Halloween too!

And maybe someday I can find THIS costume……

(I don’t know this kid…but she’s cute!)
Because I think it would be PERFECT for MY child 🙂
First person to correctly guess which one is ME in these three photos will get a Starbucks drink on moi!!!
(Bonnie you don’t count!)
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! I would love to see some of YOUR past Halloween costumes too!