What’s in Your Kitchen?

I’ve seen lots of bloggers doing this lately and it’s kind of funny. It’s like MTV cribs…show us what is in your fridge. So here’s the Branch household edition of our crib yo!

Always on hand is dark chocolate
Our pitiful fridge…we need to go to the store
Our pantry is a MESS!

Top shelf : cupcake carrier, hand mixer, wine opener

2nd shelf: jam, spaghetti sauce, french press, oil, pudding, & syrup

3rd shelf: cookbooks, my beloved Kitchenaid mixer, baking supplies (sugar, flower)

4th shelf: Carnation Instant Breakfast, noodles, hot chocolate, sauces, crackers, & salsa

5th shelf: Cereal & chips, chocolate cake ball supplies, noodles

Floor: grocery bags & paper towels

I’m kind of embarrassed to show this one because our fridge is empty…we obviously DO eat because we have bellies 😛

Coffee creamer, milk, dark chocolate syrup

Some lonely lettuce whithering away in the crisper

Ya know the necessities 🙂

Frozen milk
ice packs
Kashi meals
frozen veggies
frozen chicken
Breyer’s dark chocolate ice cream
(there is a theme here, I love dark chocolate!)

I think we are missing something????

There is NO Cristal Champagne in our fridge!!!! What???
So tell me: “What is in your fridge???”



14 thoughts on “What’s in Your Kitchen?

  1. No, I will not show you what is in my fridge. Ha. You are so brave. You’d find expired salad dressings, wilted lettuce, and left overs that need to be thrown out in my fridge. I adore my kitchenaid mixer too:)

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