Lots Going On!

We got Connor his first stocking 🙂
I know what you are thinking…I’m a little ahead of myself with the Halloween costume and now a Christmas stocking! I get so excited about this time of year it’s hard for me not to explode with anticipation sometimes! ha..ha..I know someone out there has to understand this???Right???
I have a new review/giveaway up on my review blog HERE

The other day Connor was really into his sweet potatoes so I kept on feeding him and he ate the ENTIRE jar! I was so excited because it’s been quite a challenge getting him to eat with a spoon. Well – We were up later that night because poor little guy threw up TWICE! I felt so sorry for him….it was just orange everywhere and I had to change his sheets both times.

Note to self: Don’t feed late at night and don’t over feed Connor boy!

Connor & I at Target the other day…thank the Lord for cart covers because he was drooling all over this thing! He loves to ride in the carts like a big boy now 🙂

I am LOVING this bag for sale right now at Zulily. I neeeeed it!!!
I’ve been wanting a big travel bag for some time now and this one looks awesome!

My booger is trying to stand a little bit!



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