Hairy & Scary

I’m a VAMPIRE!!!! Har..har..har…
No, not really.
You can go to right now and “vampire” yourself
I had to try this out 🙂
The photos above are the many years of different hairstyles I’ve had. Some of them are down right frightening! Can you pick out the Afro picture above? I will never EVER cut my hair short again…and I am sure you can see why! I would love to see all you gal’s hairstyles over the years!

Some of you asked about my curls in the last few pictures. I use a curling iron called a Ginalli. It has no barrel on it and gets super hot like a Chi iron. I LOVE IT!

Look who found himself in the mirror this morning!
This little dude has been keeping us up with blood curdling screams in the night…needless to say I am a zombie lately! I’m using a lot of scary words in this post! ha..ha..
I don’t like how Blogger puts a limit on how many people you can follow! I try to follow new people’s blogs and it won’t let me anymore! POO! Does anyone know why Blogger does this? I hope you don’t take offense if I can’t follow your blog…but if you leave me comments I always click and it brings me back to your blog so we can stay in touch….stupid Blogger!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! Woohoo!!!!



11 thoughts on “Hairy & Scary

  1. Wait, they limit how many you can follow?! I never knew that.

    Can you subscribe to them in google reader?

    Also, may I suggest purging the blogs you follows? I went through mine a while back and there were probably 3 dozen blogs that didn’t exist anymore or had gone private without me… definitely cleared up some space!

  2. love the vamp pic. Too funny. I love how he found himself in the mirror. So sweet. Ireland will look at herself in the mirror while I fix her hair and she’ll say baby and point at herself in the mirror and laugh then blow kisses at the baby in the mirror. I don’t think she realizes it’s her. lol.

  3. The vampire picture is hilarious!! Also, my hair is too thick for short hair… Plus, cutting it always briefs well, and then I chicken out. At least you had guts to try it! HA
    Cute mirror pictures. I also loved how they find themselves a new friend in the mirror. Too cute!

  4. Holy hairstyles! I’ve had some pretty interesting ‘dos over the years myself. 😉

    And, I didn’t realize there was a blog following limit…shame on Blogger!

  5. Ugh…is he teething? Our babes have been doing some screamin’ lately too! My ped said to stay on top of the Tyelonel at all times, and that has really seemed to be helping…

  6. Try purging your blogs. I do that every now and then so I can follow people. I know you can subscribe, but I know people love followers so…

    And I was just catching up on your blog and love your new curls!! I’m glad you shared how you’re getting those. Your hair seriously looks great!

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