Miscellaneous Wednesday

Each day I wake up and know that I am fortunate to live another day and see another sunshine. And every now and then you will see one of these…..

(pic taken on my way home last Friday)
I love rainbows
It reminds me of God’s promises to us and how blessed I am to live this life.
Terence is such a blessing to my life and a great encourager, Connor is the sparkle in eye…the baby I dreamed about for so long! Even when he wakes up screaming bloody murder (like he did this morning) I try to think of how bad I wanted him and even through the rough times to love him even more.
Speaking of blessings….
I drove through Starbucks this morning *shocker*
The girl at the window said if you try this Starbucks VIA I will give you your drink for free or you can pay for your drink and not take it……..UHM…..Is this a trick question???? Apparently they are trying to get more people to try the VIA coffee!
I said “sure” I would try it and she gave me both for free!
Here’s little Mister in one of his “girly” outfits
Terence thinks anything with cute detail or smocking makes him look girly, I think it’s just precious! My mother-in-law took this pic of him swinging and I love him in this outfit 🙂
And just because I am feeling all nostalgic today
Ha..ha..here is me and Bonnie back in the day!

One of my cousins posted this pic on Facebook and we just about died!
Look at that hair, those outfits, and not to mention my Mom’s high water jeans in the background! LOL! Oh how times have changed!

There are SEVERAL new inductees to the Starbucks wall
Go check them out!
Email me @ beckylbranch@gmail.com with yours 🙂



17 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Wednesday

  1. pretty rainbow!!!

    oh..i think he looks PRECIOUS too!!

    and yes..not a day goes by that i don’t think how hard i prayed for my baby either…i remember praying for sleepless nights 🙂

  2. Score for free Starbucks drinks! And I love that pic of Connor – he’s like a little old dude, focused on swinging – oh my gosh adorable! What a great uplifting post – love it!

  3. Wow we had horrible taste back then. Pretty sure I had your shirt! LOL! I think Starbucks owes you a free coffee at least once a week for all the free advertising you do for them! LOL!

  4. I definitely would have gone for the free coffee! But did you actually try the via? I’ve thought about trying it, but I’m not sure… although I’d def be willing for a free drink!

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