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I rub this on my neck and shoulders all the time and it’s like a warm heating pad. I love it and instantly feel better. Right now they are running a special on their Facebook page. Just search “DROMEO” on Facebook and you can “like” them and look at their specials.
*25% OFF* … through Saturday night only!
You MUST use discount code 1776
Ginalli Clipless Iron
This is the best curling iron I have ever come across and it makes
those perfect Taylor Swift ringlets 🙂
Reese’s DARK peanut butter cups these and they are soooooo good!
Shout Wipes
It seems like I can’t go anywhere without these now days because
I have constant drool all over me!
Zutano Children’s Clothing
I love this print at Zutano’s right now…I think it’s a little bit girlie for Connor though!
Sprinkler System 🙂
We are getting a sprinkler system installed next weekend so Terence won’t have to spend three hours watering the yard! Woohoo! I’m sure it will be very nice and we’ll have more free time together.

What are you in LOVE with this week?



13 thoughts on “It’s FRIDAY I’m in LOVE

  1. Love Zutano! A baby boutique sells it here. Super pricey but she has 1 huge sale a year that I go to. I almost got Lauren that print last year but ended up with a different one. Love it 🙂

  2. I love Reeses, but only the milk chocolate.

    We love our sprinkler system. I don’t know what we’d do without it! All we do is flip a switch.

    I like you collage of Connor below…so cute. His smile is the sweetest!

    I have never tried the shout wipes, but will have to now!

  3. On all those Dromeo products, they are *25% OFF* … through Saturday night only! You MUST use discount code 1776.

  4. Hey what version of lightroom do you have and is it easy to use?? I love to sit outside and listen to Sprinklers…I just LOVE summer!!

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