Well Wishes

Connor says “Get well soon Jarrett”
Bonnie said they don’t think it’s pneumonia, which is good! Just continue to keep him in your prayers as well as Bonnie. I don’t think she got much sleep last night either.
It was hard to take this picture because Connor kept wanting to eat the paper!
He’s been a lot more vocal lately…I guess he’s finding his voice. He will just squeal and squeal!

Me and Mommy šŸ™‚
He’s getting so big already!

You are so smiley and we love you with all our hearts my big boy!
The weeks just fly by and the weekends even faster….trying to enjoy each moment before it disappears! Every day is a blessing and we are so blessed to have you little mister!



10 thoughts on “Well Wishes

  1. Connor is such a great cousin! Think of all the mischief these two will get into together when they are older!

    Feel better soon Jarrett.


  2. I will definitely keep baby Jarrett and your sister in my thoughts and prayers. It has to be so hard having a sick little guy. Iā€™m so sorry she has to deal with this.

    On a lighter note, I have to say that Connor is adorable and getting so big. The little note you made for Bonnie was very sweet and I love the last 2 photos. You look great btw!

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