Pray for baby Jarrett

My sweet baby nephew Jarrett has been really sick over the weekend. Bonnie took him to the doctor today and he will be staying over night at the hospital while they run some tests. He’s been coughing a lot and running a high fever. They said his oxygen levels are low and they’ve given him an IV. They aren’t sure if it’s pneumonia or bronchitis. Please pray for him to get better and that my sister wouldn’t get too worried about everything. It’s so scary when these tiny little babies get so sick because their bodies are so small. I love you baby Jarrett you are in my prayers today and my heart always….love, Aunt Becky

Waiting on the doctor
With Mommy

Poor baby boy 🙁
breaks my heart to see my little lovey like this….



25 thoughts on “Pray for baby Jarrett

  1. Oh no!!! I am so sorry. Sending prayers for them! I know what it’s like to sit in the hospital with a baby. Hope he is all better soon.

  2. Prayers for Jarrett (and Bonnie and the rest of the fam, too!). Breaks my heart to see the lil’ guy like that. I remember when my Aidan was hospitalized at 6 weeks. We were there for a solid week.

    Sending happy thoughts & get well soon prayers their way.

    Keep us posted.


  3. That poor baby boy….how scary for mom & dad to see their precious son like that. Praying that they find out what is wrong with him soon so he can be back to his normal happy & healthy self.

  4. Aww.. I’m so sorry – I didn’t realize he was SO sick and has to stay in the hospital. I hope it’s nothing too serious and that they are able to get him some fluids in his little arms to quiet his cough and help him feel better and rest mom and dad’s minds too. You can see how sick he is in his eyes – they show it all. :o( Sending lots of love and prayers to everyone. Keep us posted please! xoxoxo

  5. How is the little guy doing now? He looks so tiny and vulnerable! Prayers for strength for the grown-ups and healing for Jarrett.

  6. Thanks for the drink tip 🙂 My twitter name is cstephenson24
    I am private because of all the wackos, ha! but send me a request. I was reading your “about us” on your blog and ya’ll live in Texas??? We are building a house in Trophy Club, near Southlake…outside of Dallas 🙂

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