Head..Shoulders..Knees…and Toes!



Right now I am droooooooling all over the place! I am loving my toesies and Daddy says I am going to be like Linus on Snoopy because I have to have a blankie in my hands.

I’ve been such a good boy lately and I usually sleep from 9:30 – 7:00 in the morning now!
I still am only eating Mommy’s milk & drink about 7-8 4 oz. bottles a day. I wear size 2 diaper & will see how much this little guy weighs in a couple weeks at his 4 month checkup. He’s growing like a weed!
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During the week my Aunt Rebecca & Granna watch me while Mommy is at work.
Sometimes I go visit my great grandma who lives down the street from Granna now 🙂
I also love to play with my cousin BFF Arielle…..
as you can see we keep ourselves pretty entertained 🙂
We got Poppy a shirt with his boys on it for Father’s Day
We love you Poppy!!!
You are the BEST!
That’s about all so far for this week….just one question….is it FRIDAY yet?????



11 thoughts on “Head..Shoulders..Knees…and Toes!

  1. He has the CUTEST expressions!!

    I meant to come back and comment the other day on your “testimony” post. I LOVED it … and I love how God has given you such a momma heart. You are so right about how much you realize you need God after you become a mom!! You’re a great mom!

  2. I need some new glasses 🙁 So you just e-mail them your prescription & those glasses are only $35 INCLUDING frames? Seems to go to be true…

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