A New Friend

Yesterday I met up with the beautiful Angie. We met through blogging awhile ago and both discovered we didn’t live too far from each other so we decided to finally meet up! We met at the mall and ate lunch, had some chocolate, and Hayden explored all the trash cans 🙂

Here is her cutie pie Hayden….he has the most beautiful eyelashes!
Angie enjoying her white chocolate 🙂

She said she needed a picture in the Godiva store so people would know FOR SURE that she was with me! LOL!!! That cracked me up!

She also took a picture of me with Edward, Bella, and Jacob
I had to explain that Twilight was the ONLY reason why I would show my face in Hot Topic…

I had so much fun and can’t wait to get together soon for an ADULT dinner!!! Our anniversaries are close together so hopefully we can plan something soon! Thanks Angie for a great time – XOXO Becky



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