What to do today?

I was looking for some labels I could put on Connor’s things so that when we dropped him off at the church nursery or anyone else’s house his things wouldn’t get mixed up with other kids. I found a site called MABEL’S LABELS and they sell dishwasher and microwave safe labels. I ordered some and they came in yesterday…so cute!

Here is Connor and his cousin Arielle who is a day older than him
Aunt Rebecca watches them both while Mommy is at work 🙂
(Arielle on left, Connor on right)
Connor : “What should we do today Arielle?”
Arielle : “I dunno…you wanna be good and giggle and coo or are you going to cry?”
Connor : “I want to be good…but sometimes I get so gassy you know?”
Arielle : “Oh Connor…I TOTALLY understand!”
Connor : “Well, I figured if anyone would then it would be you….”
Arielle : “Just don’t scream too loud while I am trying to nap okay?”
Connor : “Okay I will try…but no guarantees…I gotta go…I need to poopy!”
Arielle : “BOYS!”
Yep…it’s a hard life being a baby!




13 thoughts on “What to do today?

  1. I have those labels too! We still use them and my little guys are 3! I use the little ones to label their spoons I pack with their lunch. Every night at dinner I hear, “I want blue with a name” when I ask what color fork/spoon they want. They refuse to eat with utensils that don’t say YOUNGBLOOD! We just did our last name…nothing else would fit! Ha!

  2. I work at a daycare and we have some kids that have INCHBUGS on all of there cups and stuff. they are like little rubber bands that have their name etched into and fit around just about anything. GREAT idea for bottles and later on cups and what not especially in a church nursery or daycare when there are like 10 other babies using fridge space. they come in a bunch of different colors too and are super cute. the mom’s i’ve talked to about them said they got them from inchbug.com not sure about pricing but thought i’d pass it along

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