Awesome Day

Today was Awesome day at work. We celebrated how we have such awesome employees!
We all got scratch off lotto tickets, I think the big winner was Kelly with $4 bucks! Woohoo! We also ordered lunch from On The Border…it was delish!

We all wore our horns because the mascot for the bank is a buffalo

We looked pretty awesome right???

Of course I had to try the buffalo horns on Connor
“Someone help me please!” “Momma stop!”

And cousin Arielle looks just as thrilled huh?

They are so sweet with each other!

I soooooo need to quit eating chocolate! Terence made me a bet if I lost a certain amount of weight he would take me shopping for new clothes…..I just have to LOSE it now!

We got a humidifier for little Mister, so hopefully his little stuffy nose will get better soon and he’ll be able to breath again. I am going to try the vapor rub on his feet…thanks for that suggestion! Two more days until Friday ya’ll! Toodles!



13 thoughts on “Awesome Day

  1. That is too funny about your ‘awesome’ day – sounds like a fun day!

    Hope the vapor rub helps. I completely forgot to mention the humidifier thing. We have the exact same ones for both kids for the white noise. They are used every single day! Just an added bonus when they are sick since they are helpful too for that. Its funny though – we got Brooklynn’s 2 years ago and its alot quieter than Cannon’s – and they are the exact same…strange!

    Do you use the saline drops in his nose? It helps to loosen things when you use the bulb syringe (or booger/brain sucker as we call it around here lol)

  2. Well, I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old and I still don’t have my energy back…I felt like I had just started to get back to “normal” and then I got pregnant again! 🙂 Oh well, I’ll have energy when they leave for college I guess!

  3. I’m going to be sad b/c your going to be so skinny when I come down & I’m gonna be a fat blob. I have no self-esteem right now. I haven’t lost any weight & I’m close to 200 lbs.(the heaviest ever in my life). I’ve been dreading having to take pictures with you. Okay…now I’m going to go cry in a corner…

    I hope the baby vapor rub on the feet helps. Love you.

  4. Jacob is 15 months and I’m still exhausted! He sleeps through the night and everything, so it’s not that. He’s just SO active and constantly into everything…all the running around is tiring, but, VERY worth it. Wouldn’t change a thing, he’s SO much fun! 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you got a humidifier! It worked for Hayden. (i think) Not that he said, but you know what I mean…heehee!

    I love the horns and awesome shirts…so fun! Seems like you have a great work environment!

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