Weekend Road Trip

I figured since I won’t have any vacation time after maternity leave that we should squeeze in one last visit to Arkansas before I start back to work on Friday. We headed home Thursday afternoon and got home yesterday evening. We had a great trip…short but sweet! Connor was so good in the car and only woke up a couple of times each way. He was soooo GOOD the whole time we were there I was thinking “what happened to my child!” He barely threw any fits and just soaked up all the lovin from Poppy, Nana, Nannie, Kristin, Nate, and their three kiddos. We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family and it’s always good to see them and be reminded of that!

Of course you can’t have a road trip without lots of COFFEE!!!
(Red eye alert!!! The air was making my sinuses explode!)
Connor and Aunt Kristin at dinner

Abby in her little mermaid costume holding Connor

Feeding him his bottle
The kids wanted to hold and kiss him all the time!
It was soooo sweet!
Connor and Poppy taking a nap together 🙂

All this sugar is just overwhelming!
I am so loved!

Connor wore his overalls that Nannie got him…Papa would approve!

I sure do love my precious Nannie!

And she loves me too….

Now we are back home and Mommy is trying to enjoy every last MINUTE with me!



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