My Teddy Bear

Connor’s head is finally big enough to fit his bear hat! Isn’t that the cutest thing!

We went and fed the ducks today at the lake and we ventured out to TARGET! Thanks for all your encouraging words about taking babies out it public, it makes me feel so much better! I was at the checkout lane and a random guy just starts taking pictures with his cell phone of Connor…uhm hello? He just said “that’s the cutest baby I had to get a picture.” Still strange….hmmmm…..



16 thoughts on “My Teddy Bear

  1. Okay first off, I think you’re well within your right to tell any other creepy guys to delete pictures of your son.

    Secondly (and more importantly!) CUTEST HAT EVER! Oh my gosh he’s adorable!!! 🙂

  2. Cute hat! 🙂

    And, I’ve been there with the creepers on the phone. It was an Asian lady who DID.NOT. speak English – so, I couldn’t tell her to stop. I freaked out! ha!

  3. You know, I’ve never had a stranger do that to me or my kids, even while I was prego. But they do come up to my hubby when he’s out in public with the kids. I’m thinking I’m not so sweet and give off a don’t even dare vibe.

    Glad you ventured out! I’ve had to leave a basket full of groceries before b/c of my kids throwing fits… when they were babies and at toddler stage, so you’re good!

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