8 Weeks

My Dearest Connor –
For so many years I’ve dreamt of seeing your face. I’ve wished and waited for you for so long….
You have filled my heart with so much joy and love that I never knew existed. Your Daddy and I love you with all our hearts! We are so proud of you and it’s so exciting to see what you’ll learn each day. You are such an alert baby…taking in the world around you!
You are eight weeks old today. Oh how these past eight weeks have flown by so fast! I know that you will grow up way too quickly for your Mommy! Tomorrow I’ll leave you for the first time and I won’t be there to hold you when you cry out….but you’ll be in good hands! I know it’s only the first of many times I’ll have to let you experience the world without me by your side. Know that I love you with all my heart…forever…and ever!

Love, Mommy



18 thoughts on “8 Weeks

  1. It’s a mini-T! I can’t wait to meet him in 1 month!

    You’ll get into a routine & it will get easier as the days go by. I love you so much!


  2. Awww….I remember the first day I left LC at daycare and went back to work. I think I will remember it for the rest of my life! At lunch I raced to the daycare to see him! I did that for a year! haha…he was fine though and so was I.

  3. So hard to believe it has been 8 weeks already. How time flies when you are having fun. I hope your 1st day back to work wasn’t too hard for you.

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