Mall Moms & First Day Back

I wanted to have some fun on my last day at home with Connor before going back to work. My friend Karen and I went out to lunch and then of course Starbucks 🙂 I think she is just as much an addict as I am! Ha..ha..!!! We went walking around the mall and went to Sephora and Karen got her eyes made over and then across the way was the Godiva boutique. If you join their mailing list you get a free truffle a month, so I stopped in and got my free truffle! Thanks Karen for a fun day with you and baby “J” and soon to be baby boy!

I also window shopped for mother’s day (dream on!) but I wanted an aquamarine something or another with Connor’s birth stone….maybe someday……I’ve been off of work for awhile so extra moolah is not there for the bling bling!

(Mommy likes to play dress up…I try to just let her so she’ll leave me alone!)
And here he is today right before we left for Aunt Rebecca’s house and I had to go to work. I had my cry this morning and told him goodbye 🙁 I think I was more worried how he would act over there than anything else. She said he did pretty good today so that calmed my nerves a little. My day starts so early now (around 5:45 am) Terence woke up around 3:00 last night and fed him a bottle (thank you sooo much for letting me sleep honey!) It was nice to go back to work and see everyone and know I was missed! It makes me feel better that they missed me 😛
I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

8 Weeks

My Dearest Connor –
For so many years I’ve dreamt of seeing your face. I’ve wished and waited for you for so long….
You have filled my heart with so much joy and love that I never knew existed. Your Daddy and I love you with all our hearts! We are so proud of you and it’s so exciting to see what you’ll learn each day. You are such an alert baby…taking in the world around you!
You are eight weeks old today. Oh how these past eight weeks have flown by so fast! I know that you will grow up way too quickly for your Mommy! Tomorrow I’ll leave you for the first time and I won’t be there to hold you when you cry out….but you’ll be in good hands! I know it’s only the first of many times I’ll have to let you experience the world without me by your side. Know that I love you with all my heart…forever…and ever!

Love, Mommy

Mr. Cool

I’m clinging onto every last second I have with this little man. I am going back to work on Friday and I’m just dreading it! I’m trying to get things ready and put his name on his bottles and things like that. He’s been so good this week and hardly cried or thrown any fits at all! I can’t believe it! He’s my precious angel boy and I thank God every day for him…my heart is just so full of love for this little human being it hurts. My life and my time is not my own anymore…he definitely rules the roost right now! Maybe eventually I’ll get more time to do the things I used to, but right now he is definitely in charge! LOL! It is getting better though….

I wanted to ask a question: What kind of bottles do you use?

I’ve been using the Dr. Browns bottles because they don’t come out as fast, but they have been leaking a lot lately. I’ve also tried the Avent bottles as well, but the milk comes out too fast…I’m having no luck here, so suggestions welcome!

Happy Tuesday everyone!