Connor got a sock monkey in the mail yesterday from my friend Suzie at work. We LOVE it! Well, we love it but he wasn’t in the mood to model yesterday 😛 We had to take a picture for Auntie Bonnie and Jarrett because they love sock monkeys!

We went out yesterday and I took Connor to the bank and let all the gals see him. He got lots of attention and loving. Afterwards we went to Terence’s parent’s house and the above video is his twinkie cousin Arielle (born the day before him) and Connor getting burped. It’s so funny I was joking it was the baby burping Olympics!

My friend Travis just started a blog HERE to help raise awareness and money for Crohn’s disease…something that has effected him personally. If you all feel compelled to help him meet his goal he would appreciate it very much! Good luck Travis!!!



10 thoughts on “Monkeys!

  1. OMgosh! That pic is so stinkin’ cute! You have to show him that when he is 18 or so…I bet he will laugh. What a nice gift though and very cute lil’ monkey. My son had a monkey when he was a baby and carried that thing around until last year. He was torn all apart but he loved it!

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