It Ain’t Glamorous

This is what a night of little sleep looks like. If I get a shower today I’ll be happy 🙂
Connor will be a month old tomorrow and time has just flown. I go back to work in a month and I’m sure it will be hard. He’s started to smile a little bit this week and it’s so cute! The last couple of nights have been rough because little mister has been crying and throwing fits. I think he’s just hungry so we’ve upped his milk again. I don’t know what the normal amount you are supposed to feed them at this age is? I guess just until they are full….

Pumping is going well and I’m able to keep up with what he needs! Thank you Lord! I’m already looking forward to the end of May when my ENTIRE family is coming to visit! Bonnie, Jason, Jarrett, Mom, Dad, Nannie, A. Karli, U. Gary, & Lindsey!!! Yeah! We will get to see each other’s babies FINALLY and celebrate our 29th birthday together!

Terence and I have been watching Lost and finally caught up to the current season. That show is CrAzY! I am sad that Locke turned into a bad person! 🙁 I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Connor picture of the day
(For Nana)