It’s finally Friday! Yeah!  These past couple weeks have gone by soooo slooooow!  Everyone that walks into work says “Wow, you’re STILL here???”  I’m gonna be here until I pop.  The more time I can work now, the more maternity leave I can have later.  It’s been pretty rough though.  Yesterday I had to go buy some house shoes because the ones I was wearing were cutting off my circulation.  Thank goodness I work right next to a shoe store! LOL!

These things are EVIL (Reese’s peanut butter hearts)
These are my poor cankles last night
We went to the breastfeeding class last night and it was really informative and I’m glad we went.  There were so many young girls there with their Moms or Grandmas….I know I am nervous, but I can’t imagine how they must feel.  Oh-AND there is a Starbucks downstairs in the hospital lobby 🙂  PERFECT!
And here is my puffy self this morning sitting at work with my feet propped up in my slippers.
I won a Starbucks card from Sarah…so I didn’t hesitate to use it!  THANK YOU dear friend!
Tomorrow the ladies I work with are throwing me a baby shower and I’m so excited.  Hopefully I can get someone to take pictures.  Until then-HAVE A FAB FRIDAY EVERYONE!



19 thoughts on “Yeah FRIDAY!

  1. Hey! I started following your blog because our due dates are so close–I think I am like 5 days ahead of you. My feet/ankles are so bad I spend most of my day with them elevated. I’m sure you know this, but my doctor said the things that can help are avoiding salt and just drinking more water. Good luck!

  2. Have so much fun at your shower! And your poor feet. Mine got worse after having my babies…it wasn’t until about 4 days after giving birth that I was able to wear shoes again. But it was nice to see something (anything?) on me get skinny again and fast!

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