Another Saturday

Terence and I just got home from the movies and a nice dinner with his friend Hyung from work. We saw Shutter Island, it was pretty good…not scary at all like I thought it would be. This morning I went to the chiropractor because I have been having back pains. My lower back does feel a lot better and I am hoping it stays like that. Right now I am just trying to get through day by day…my ribs are just killing me…other than that I am not doing too bad.

I can’t wait to meet you little guy & we love you so much already!
Oh-and I PROMISE never to take pictures like this of you….

Ha..ha..obviously I was potty training or something here…thanks MOM!

Terence will deal with more of that in the boy department I hope 😛



15 thoughts on “Another Saturday

  1. It’s always nice to look at old pictures.
    I went to see Shutter Island on Friday and I thought it was pretty good. The trailer made it look like it was a horror film.
    Random note. I’m fairly new at website and I stumbled across your blog. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. PRAYING for comfort and peace as you wait for your little guy…and praying he comes soon =)

    Big hugs!!!!

    OH and by the way, I am SO impressed you do so much on your days off! I have literally laid in bed the ENTIRE day!!!!!!!! Maybe all that getting up and walking around will make Connor DROP!!!

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