Fireplace Update

We finally got something to put over the fireplace. I took down the Christmas decorations today and it was looking awfully bare up there. Terence and I saw this picture a couple weeks ago and went back to get it. What do you all think of it? Also, what do you think we should put in the vases on the sides of the picture? Suggestions…..



12 thoughts on “Fireplace Update

  1. LOVE the pic, in the glass vases I would probably put some of that stiff decorative grass (it comes in many types, colors, etc. I have some that’s a really nice shade of dark green.)

  2. Cute cute!!

    I’d get fake flowers for the vases – I know some ppl don’t love fake flowers but they’re just so cheerful and you can always switch them out if you get tired of them!

    Happy New Year!!

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