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This weekend has been crazy busy! We went out to dinner New Years Eve night with Terence’s friend Kyle and some friends of theirs. We were in bed by 10:30 though! The next day we went to BODIES: The Exhibition in Dallas with Terence’s parents. It was really cool, and in some ways very weird too. They had a fetal room in the back that shows the growth of a baby at 5wks, 9wks, 11 wks, 15 wks, and a body of a 32 wk old baby….which is about how old Connor is right now…it was so weird seeing an actual body of a baby as big as Connor! All of the exhibit was very interesting and I recommend if you are in Dallas to go take a look.
Terence’s friend Hyung that he works with went home for Christmas and we picked him up at the airport today. He brought us a big bag of the most AWESOME clothes for Connor! He is so sweet! Don’t you just love the little super hero outfits? PRECIOUS!

Superman & Batman

Winnie the Pooh onesies

Little overalls with alligators-he also got the cutest little gown set as well!
I just love it all! Thank you Hyung!

I got this Christmas outfit for Connor next year because it was 50% off and I couldn’t resist!
I hope it fits, I am not very good at figuring out sizes that far in advance….how do you/did you buy clothes for your kids that were out of season? I like to do this because you can get them so much cheaper at the end of fall.

I have been a little off the radar lately and I apologize….
I’ve had a rough time getting ANY sleep right now and been extremely tired, which I guess is only a taste as to what is to come! LOL! I just feel like a zombie…..



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  1. I went to that Body exhibit a few years ago in Dallas. It’s very interesting and I’d like to go again.

    The superhero outfits are too cute!!

    Really cute Christmas outfit too! Shouldn’t Connor be about 9 months old next Christmas? I know it’s hard to figure out sizes and buy clothes ahead of time. Especially since sizes vary by brand.

  2. the body exhibit is coming to nashville jan 15th. we plan on going. i heard its very good. the outfits are very cute!! landon had a superman one that came with a cape. with his clothes i buy a few sizes up for the next season. so 12 month summer he will be 24 the next summer so i just buy the 24months and store them. your right buying clothes after season is the best way to go. i also buy from consignment shops here in nashville.

  3. The Bodies exhibit was here in OKC for a while, and I was totally freaked out by it. Then I heard that the bodies came from china/korea and possibly were executed prisoners and that just really topped the cake. I don’t know how true it is, and haven’t researched it much to find out. I kind of almost don’t want to. *shudder*

    On a happier note! Adorable outfits! I had an epic fail with the whole buy-outfits-in-advance thing. I had no idea I was going to birth a whopping 5lb 14oz baby at 39 weeks gestation, so I was so off. He was probably 6/9 months old before he started fitting in his age appropriate clothes. Just now at 11 months is he starting to be able to wear his 12 month pants. My only advice is to get things you can layer…

  4. I wanted to go to that exhibit last year when it was here..but never got around to it!!

    LOVE those overalls..I think our girl has a pair or two for each size!

  5. I saw the Bodies exhibit in Chicago and thought it was pretty interesting too!

    Before I gave birth I only bought clothes that I knew she could wear…as in the next couple months. After I had her I knew her size and was comfortable with my knowledge of her growth…then I started buying for the future! I love sales! Also I love checking a local children’s consignment shop for after season deals!

  6. Cute clothes! My mom bought a lot of the clothes for my baby girl. She bought clothes based on how many months old Reagan would be at the time. For example, she was born in October so we figured she would be in 3-6 months clothes starting in January when she turns three months. She is super long though, so she’s outgrowing a lot because of length, not weight. My mom also found these cool onesie extenders. If you’ve ever seen the bra extenders, it’s similar to thata except they snap on the crotch of the onesies. They’re supposed to extend the time the baby can wear the onesies by 3-6 months.

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